Proud of being part of the gallery project by Anatol de Cap Rouge with selected work of my illustration series Inspired by travel.  
Work shown there till further notice.
Cap Rouge Gallery, Krugerstrasse 10, 1010 Vienna
Cap Rouge Gallery is more than just another exhibition place – it is an idea. Founded by Anatol de Cap Rouge – an artist himself - it reflects the founder´s attitude towards relationships, his view on art and the way he works. Thus Cap Rouge Gallery is an open playground for himself and his friends regardless of styles, techniques or fame. So we find the internationally acknowledged photographer Susanne Stemmer next to newcomer Klaudia Pock and her oil portraits or Norbert Horvath, well-known illustrator and his aquarelle series with Elvira Weidinger and her travelling illustrations. 
And of course Anatol de Cap Rouge contributes some of his works, too.
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